Safety Management

Our Efforts for Safety Management

These days, as medical care has become more sophisticated and complicated, advanced expertise is required for medical treatment techniques and medical devices. Accordingly, risks have also risen for various situations. However, our clinic implements thorough safety management across the entire team.

People in different occupations such as medical doctors, medical physicists, nurses, and clerical staff work together to practice team medical care. We have a conference once a week for all the staff to gather and talk about each patient and share opinions. We unify as a team and focus on individual patients to provide more personalized medical care.

As our clinic uses high-precision treatment devices, thorough precision management is also required. (See Management  Treatment Precision, Management of Device Precision) We do our best to prevent medical accidents by sharing/ analyzing/reviewing information regarding precision management.

In this manner, we make efforts to enhance awareness of personalized medical care by each staff member in order to provide safe, reassuring medical service for all patients.